Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm Popular!

I added a new little hit counter to the page to track how many people are checking out my blog, & I just looked & there were 5 hits! I know that's not much, hardly worth spitting at for some people, but for me that's a lot. I never expected anyone to even look at this & the fact that 5 people know I exist is really exciting for me. Of course, it might be less than 5. I followed all the directions on the site to make sure the counter got an accurate count & even blocked my IP address, but I'm basically rubbish with computers, so who knows. All 5 hits might be from me. :-( Still no comments though. I wish someone would comment. Even if it's just to say "Hi" or "This is shit. Stop blogging". Well, maybe more along the lines of the first one.

So anyway, I've been reading a few blogs & some of the stuff people write about on here is really amazing. I was up last night until 3am (which is kinda late for me, I'm more of a morning person) reading Josh's blog at Always Hard. That kid makes me laugh SOOO hard. The things he writes about are just so honest & straightforward. And some of his antics... Priceless. Well worth the several hours it took me to read his 400 or so posts. Then today I read Landyn's blog at Stuck in the Middle & I just about cried. Sometimes I feel like my life is hard with some of the shit I've had to go through, & I can certainly relate with him in some ways. I grew up in a religious family too (well, I'm still living with them, so I'm still growing up with them I guess) & they sent me to a therapist when they thought I was gay to try to "straighten" me out (not sure if the pun was intended or not, but it's there nonetheless). But Landyn's family takes it to a whole other level. I don't think my parents would ever kick me out of the house, even if they knewe I was gay. The fact that he pushes through all of it & (eventually) see the brighter side of life is really inspiring to me.

But anyway, Landyn & Josh, love your blogs. Can't wait for more. I'll be looking for others to read & hopefully more people will read mine, too.


  1. Welcome to blogging.

    I realized that I'm gay when I was 16. Before that I thought that my feelings toward boys were friendship. That was 50 years ago. I'm only out to a few people in real life, and I've been celibate all along. I went to a psychiatrist for several years in my mid twenties to try to change, but ultimately it didn't work.

    I've posted a bit more about myself and my beliefs on my blog.

    I'll be following your blog and I'll link it on mine.

  2. Hey glad u like my blog. its kinda sporadic and totally random as to what i post about, but its just my thoughts and how i deal with them

    ill be sure to keep up with ur blog. im posting from my phone but ill link up to you later on.

    thanks, and welcome to the blog world. i think you will find many great people here to help and support you.