Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are you ok?

I was up til 3am last night reading other blogs for "inspiration". Well, it was just one blog, but it was just so good. The things he writes about are just so honest, he doesn't hold back. And the trouble & mischief he gets into...I almost wish I were as spontaneous & exciting as him. But I'm not, & I'm sure I can be just as interesting as him. Or at least try.

Anyway, usually if I stay up that late I wouldn't be up for another couple of hours but my parents decided to go god knows where & didn't let the dog out. So when he had to go out we was pacing up & down the hall in front of my room & whining. He actually opened my door though. I didn't think dogs could open doors. Though, to be honest, my door is shit. I can lock it, so the handle won't turn, but if you just push on it hard enough it'll open. So really there's no point in locking the door. Luckily my parents aren't clever enough to have worked that out yet, so I still lock it anyway. But I digress. This truly is the "Ramblings of a College Boy", eh?

So anyway, I let the dog out & I really didn't want to, but I didn't want to clean up after him either. That's when my parents came back from whatever they were doing. My dad asked if I was ok & clearly I wasn't because I was still tired & obviously looked like shit (I always look like shit when I wake up. My hair is all over the place, my eyes get all Asian on me & won't open all the way, I kind of slouch...a lot). I was like no, fuck off dad. Well, I didn't say that last part, but I did just kind of sulk off into the house & back into my room.

But anyway, I hate when people ask if you're doing ok or if you're feeling ok. If you just looked at me a little harder you could find out for yourself & then I wouldn't have to talk to you. If I look like shit I'm probably not doing ok. Bastard.

It's still way too early for me go be awake right now. I need a few more hours of sleep, but god knows I won't be able to now. I'll still try though.

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