Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1000 Things

For the past couple of months I've been trying to write a list of 1000 things I would like to do before I die, a "bucket list" if you will. No, I was not inspired by the movie, starring Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. I haven't even seen that movie. It actually all started a few years ago, when I was a Junior in High School. My friend Kathy & I had each made a list of things we wanted to do, mostly nonsensical things, like "take over the world", "become a pop star", "build a house out of chocolate." Anyway, I got a new Moleskine a couple months ago & decided to start over with a new, more realistic list. The original was about 130 items, but I decided to be a little daring & shoot for 1000, which is a task that deserves to be on the list itself. After three months I'm at 465, & I've decided to share it with you. Also so I can have a digital copy. Just in case. I'm not going to put all 465 items on here now, but I'll try to put 50 or so every week or just randomly. Feel free to tell me how stupid some things are. Feel free to suggest new things. Just feel free to say anything.

001. Go on a roadtrip
002. Hug a tree
003. Learn to ride a horse
004. Visit CERN
005. Get glasses
006. Learn to fence
007. Go to Canada
008. Find a dollar in my pocket
009. Collect $1000 in change
010. Solve a murder mystery
011. Attend a SciFi convention
012. Learn to fly a plane
013. Eat french toast in France
014. Get a theme song for myself
015. Build a giant snow castle
016. Start a rumor about myself
017. Learn to read lips
018. Do a crazy hippie dance in a park
019. Start a chain letter
020. Run for an elected office
021. Adopt a small child
022. Get my ears pierced
023. Throw myself a surprise party
024. Attend a rave
025. Write a book
026. Get a tattoo
027. Find Waldo
028. Meet a Sherpa
029. Join the Peace Corps
030. Get an awesome nickname
031. Spend a month in Europe
032. Declare myself "King of the Penguins"
033. Receive an obnoxiously large balloon for my birthday
034. Thump a Bible
035. Get a posse
036. Pet a llama
037. Find my evil twin
038. Get lost in the woods
039. Work on a particle accelerator
040. Attend the Glastonbury Festival
041. Go to a circus
042. Meet a Nazi
043. Legally change my name
044. Build a better mouse trap
045. Join a protest
046. Be an extra in a film
047. Learn calligraphy
048. Start a cult
049. Be interesting enough to have a blog
050. Start & maintain a blog for at least one year

Well, there you have it. The first 50 items on my list. One of the reasons I started this blog is to get myself out there & show people who I am, & what better way to get to know someone than to discover their dreams & aspirations, no matter how trivial.


  1. Looks like 49s a given :D and bring on No. 50!

    Good luck with 37 though...!


  2. Thanks for saying I've accomplished 49 already. It seemed like one of those thongs I needed other people to confirm for me, otherwise I'd look a little pretentious. Hopefully my attention span will be long enough for 50 to come true. And as for 37, they don't actually have to be my twin. As long as they look sort of like me an are evil I'm happy.

  3. 007 — Lots of good stuff to see in Canada. I'm mostly interested in eastern Canada. I've visited Qu├ębec Ctiy (very beautiful) and Prince Edward Island (where I have relatives — very pleasant and peaceful), driven through New Brunswick (Fredericton is a charming little city where I stayed overninght going to and from PEI), and throught parts of Nova Scotia. I deffo want to see Halifax, NS and Cape Breton Island, the Bay of Fundy, and maybe Montreal.

    So yeah, go to Canada.

  4. Do you have any idea what kind of tattoo you want, and where? Most of the things on your list are rather ephemeral, but ink lasts. Since you want one and since it is your body, you should absolutely commit to getting one - but be as certain as you can that you will like it as much in 50 years as you will the moment it goes on.

    And what name would you change it to?