Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1000 Things, Part 3

Right now I'm probably wondering around downtown Boston with my Mom, waiting to move into the dorms tomorrow. I probably won't be able to get to a computer until Friday, so this will have to do for now. ^_^

101. Go on an Alaskan cruise
102. Receive a PhD
103. Visit the San Diego Zoo
104. Visit the United Nations
105. Attend a session of the US Supreme Court
106. Live abroad
107. Visit Wall Street
108. Learn how the stock market works
109. Walk on the Great Wall of China
110. Write to my congressman
111. Have my picture in the paper
112. See the Aurora Borealas
113. Wade in a public fountain
114. Steal a sign
115. Fly first class
116. Prospect for gold
117. Solve a Rubik's cube
118. Shower under a waterfall
119. Metal detect on the beach
120. Straddle the border between two states
121. Straddle the border between two countries
122. Straddle the border between two continents
123. Stand astride the Four Corners
124. Ride through the Chunnel
125. Ride a Maglev train
126. Learn a magic trick
127. Attend a Stanley Cup Final game
128. Get a fake tan
129. Get a real tan
130. Climb a mountain
131. Stay up all night "painting the town red"
132. Live with an eccentric roommate
133. See a Broadway play on Broadway
134. Stand astride the Prime Meridian
135. Stand astride the equator
136. View Saturn through a telescope
137. Visit Stonehenge
138. Invest in the stock market
139. Throw out my entire wardrobe and buy an new one
140. Spend the night in an aquarium/museum
141. Solve the New York Times Sunday crossword in pen
142. Spend a whole day baking & then give it all away
143. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
144. Visit every stop of the London Underground
145. Ride a train across Cambodia
146. Write a letter to the editor & have it published
147. Keep a daily journal for an entire year
148. Have my teeth professionally whitened
149. Find five dollars on the ground
150. Leave a dollar on the ground for someone else to find

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